Unrealized Reality of Diablo 3 -- Part 2

Posted by Dave On Monday, August 15, 2011

The other grumbling is about the new cash auction house. As a "simple solution" to this problem, gamers are being encouraged to "just go Hardcore". Some jokingly, some serious.

Hardcore players will have access to a separate gold-based auction house for HC players only and they will not have a currency-based auction house.

Everyone seems to think that this is the only option available for players who don't want a currency based auction house. But Blizzard is very good at providing options, because options can come with price tags.

Blizzard already has a method in place to restrict groups of users to certain Auction Houses so it's very easy to create AH options for different player needs. Once they have enough players, I think you'll start to see new servers being created to accommodate new demands.

It's a good excuse to show that they're listening to the players, while also making a profit. Paid services are a big money maker, so you know that different options for server transfers will be available eventually (even though they have only announced regional based servers.) I wonder if these servers will be available by launch, or if they'll come out a couple months after? If they come out a month or two after, for example, all of the people who joined the server they didn't like can pay for a transfer to the gold-only AH server.

What would be really interesting is a cash-only server.. maybe that will be implemented in Diablo X1. :D

The new paid services should be interesting, especially with the implementation of the CAH and B.NET/PayPal cash system. There will be server transfers, paid name changes, paid class changes, pets, appearance changes.. I wonder what else? Probably an option to convert a Hardcore character to normal (they lose some titles of course). They certainly wouldn't allow a normal player to be converted into Hardcore of course.. it's not like Blizzard would ever allow PVE players to pay for a PVP conversion. :)