Quick Updates

Posted by Dave On Saturday, August 13, 2011

* I'm working on a new page for the front page and it should be available in a few days. It's somewhat of an overview for the site and important notices of information that everyone should be aware of. It might contain some really important information some day. I wonder if anyone will actually read it? :)

* I found out something rather interesting about World of Warcraft. I'm not sure sure how to approach it or write a blogpost about it. Hardly anyone knows about it, and everything would make sense by just describing it in one sentence really. So, I'm still mulling it over.

* Here are a couple quotes where Blizzard called RMT illegal. This goes along with that previous blogpost entitled "Blizzard v. RMT". I was able to find multiple sources for this information, but I'm quickly discovering that these quotes are disappearing all over the verse.

Here's one with a screenshot I took, just in case it vanishes. Make note of their EDIT TIME at the bottom of their posting. :)

Here's another official Blizzard quote too in regards to DRM:

"Not only do we believe that doing so would be illegal, but it also has the potential to damage the game economy and overall experience.."
This particular quote has been disappearing everywhere and I regret not taking screenshots of it earlier. Bashiok is most famous for saying it, but there were other representatives who re used it as well. If I ever find the old posts, I'll put them up here.