A puzzle for you..

Posted by Dave On Sunday, August 7, 2011

Picture the following scenario.

* You need real money to be able to play this game.
* While playing the game, you don't actually use real money but rather special "chips".
* You pay to play the game, but it can be taken away from you at any time. The people who own the game can tell you to stop playing due to cheating or for no reason at all.
* It's a game of chance, and your level of winnings or losses are random.
* You have the option to cash out and convert your chips back into real money.
* The owner of the game provides complimentary items (comps) to encourage players to continue playing this game of chance.
* Whether you win or lose, the owner of the game will always make a profit from you.

Am I describing a slot machine, a game of roulette, a table game, or Diablo 3?

(And yes, Blizzard is waiving the listing portion of the fee for a limited number of transactions... this feels just like a casino comping players to keep them gambling or to experiment first to get hooked.)