Don't Talk About RIFT On Blizzard Forums!

Posted by Daeity On Saturday, January 22, 2011

Apparently, Blizzard has been deleting threads and banning players from WoW Forums when the subject of RIFT (in a positive light) comes up.

So whatever you do, even if it's related to WoW in some way, don't talk about RIFT! They'll ban you for that too.

This shouldn't come as a big surprise though, they did the same thing when AION first came out.

Proper Guide to Blizzard Forum Discussion:

- Even though you pay $15 per month for the privilege of posting in their forums, you may only talk about subjects that they tell you to talk about.
- Such topics and general discussions may only be about how amazing and glorious Blizzard is.
- In Off-Topic Forums, you may only post about Blizzard games and Blizzard topics.
- Free.. speech? What's that? This is BLIZZARD'S forum, they can limit and censor you as much as please. And yes, it is indeed pleasurable.