LA Noire DLC - Useless?

Posted by Daeity On Friday, October 14, 2011

Is there really any point to DLC for LA Noire?

I suppose it depends on what your definition of DLC is too.. to me, it should be something that expands a story, there are new discoveries, or it brings in something new, fun and useful.

The problem with LA Noire though, is that the main character (Det. Phelps) dies at the end of story. And because of the type of game, the DLC is pretty much limited to vanity aesthetics (suits, cars, etc.) and storyline driven DLC.

LA Noire DLC is a collection of "old adventures" before his death.

Does that interest you? If you found out that a TV series was revealed to be "all just a dream", would you even watch it in the first place?

With Phelps dead, what's the point in continuing the story? If he had lived, at least there would have been new "adventures" for you to follow, and the story could have been further extended or developed.

I think what had happened was that they didn't think it through clearly, and just tried to borrow from the success of RDR's DLC. But, they didn't consider the major differences between the two game genres.

RDR is a multiplayer action GTA-style game. (In the GTA games too, there's very little empathy for the main character as they are really just an outlet for your more villainous inner desires. If your character dies, no big deal, the next GTA will just have a new "bad guy" to play anyways.) RDR DLC consists of mostly new weapons or multiplayer maps. Besides, John's son Jack could just carry on his legacy if the story were ever extended in future DLC.

LA Noire, though, is completely different. It was marketed as a Single Player detective game with an immersive story line. The types of people who buy this game weren't interested in multiplayer shooting and action gameplay, but rather the story and it's people.

Your DLC options are pretty limited here. Why would you create a story, plan on extending the story, but have the main character DIE before extending the story?

It's just a simple logic failure, and I hope it's a lesson learned. DLC could have been MUCH more successful if Phelps was still alive, and they continued to develop his story and personal development. You need to get people addicted to a story; one where they can't wait to find out what happens next.

Perhaps LA Noire should have ended with a cliff hanger instead: the players are left wondering what happened to Phelps in the storm drain, and there was an "anonymous" funeral at the end of LA Noire instead. DLC for storyline driven games need to be marketed like successful novels.. you keep buying more books in the series to see what happens to your favorite characters next.