The new troll

Posted by Dave On Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Original Post Date: 6/28/11

I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but the definition of a troll has changed. Here's the old definition; [LINK]

Basically, it was a method of self-entertainment by deliberately starting an argument by antagonizing a user or users. Rather than calling them Internet Trolls, however, they are simply referred to as Trolls now. The reason for this is because you can "troll" in real life, and it's not just limited to the internet or message boards any more.

Definitions are always constantly changing and evolving. You could even say that people who use the more "updated versions" of words are more progressive.. or daresay, evolved than those still using the old definition.

Consider the film "Idiocracy". The English language completely changed. To you, they would be considered less intelligent, but it was the next evolution and progression of the language. But consider that the you speak now would be considered foolish or less intelligent by your own forefathers.

Even individual definitions of words have completely changed. This was demonstrated very well in "The F Word" episode of Southpark; [LINK]

The term troll (and trolling) has reached a new level of progression. I think it happened about 6-12 months ago in fact.

The definition of a trolling is now something said or done to provoke any kind of emotional response (most commonly laughter) or any kind of matter not to be taken seriously.

If you make a joke or amusing anecdote, you're trolling. If you play a practical joke whether it causes laughter or anger, you're trolling. If something is amusing or ridiculous, it's a troll attempt. The troll will fail, however, if it's not funny or effective. Even farting on someone or farting in general is now considered trolling.

So yes, whether you like it or not the definition of a troll (and trolling) has radically changed. Although you could still relate trolling to it's previous definition incarnation, but just remember that it makes you less progressive than everyone else.

If someone plays a practical joke or posts something that gets an emotional (or serious) response, don't get angry at them and accuse them of not understanding what a troll is. Chances are, you're wrong and have just proved that you're less progressive (and evolved) than the others who understand the new and true definition.

You might as well get angry at people for not using the term gay as being happy and glad.. you primitive ape you.