Blizzard "shocked" by fan reactions

Posted by Dave On Friday, August 5, 2011

Robert Bridenbecker, VP of Blizzard Online Technologies had an interview with MTV where he described his surprise surrounding fans reactions to Diablo 3's online requirements. [LINK]

One of revelations that got the most attention was the fact that both the beta and the final version of "Diablo 3" would require a constant internet connection to play.
Does this remind you of the plot to "Wag the Dog"?

While everyone is really upset over another more important issue (RMT), Blizzard is diverting everyones attention to more minor concerns (Online Connection).

They didn't even mention RMT in the interview.

This either means that Blizzard is NOT surprised at all over the negative fan reaction to the new RMT system. Or, they're simply trying to change the subject and tell fans what they're "really" mad about. :)