Tangelo Games: My Secret Obsession

Posted by Daeity On Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Well, it appears that Guillemot Corp has been doing very well and hopefully you took my advice from a few months ago. I like it when dark-horses that offer very little, have been basically dormant, and non-communicative for 15 years suddenly jump over 600% in value in just a couple months. It's almost as if I knew something big was coming. =]

I definitely learned my lesson years ago from posting too much information. Blogging life became much easier by just calling it "speculation" or "making predictions". Thankfully, I haven't received any C&D's in years due to that change. The other big change that worked out really well was using research and investigations for the purpose of profit, rather than simply for fun gaming industry "investigative journalism", commentary, and blogging.

I've been obsessed with Ubisoft/Guillemot for some time now. Activision/Blizzard used to interest me, but I've found them too boring and predictable recently. There are a ton of small (private) gaming companies that I still lightly investigate, but it's the public ones that really hold my attention. Sure, it's enjoyable to discover unannounced games and listen to internal chit-chat, but I have found it even more fun finding a way to profit from said information. If you know me well, you'll know that I used to love playing the Auction House and I was very good at it -- a one percenter. But now, I just do it in RL instead.

Like Guillemot, you've probably never even heard of the company "Tangelo Games" either. On the surface, the small company seems like an unwise investment. They are significantly in debt, the leadership teams are quiet, and their social media accounts haven't been updated in months. It might give you the impression that the company is dying.

But despite their high debt (it's not actually, but it is to some), everything within their brick and mortars are still healthy. Employees continue to work away, completely oblivious to the concerns of investors and the long term plans of their executive team. Internally, everything is normal, they continue to hire staff, they continue to generate revenue, there are no wage disruptions.. everything seems fine.

Vicenc's life is, of course, still fun to follow. Dozens of businesses, various shell/holding companies, and many aliases used in those registrations. His history is showing millions moving from company to company, owned by other family members or colleagues. Sometimes, though, these are just the earmarks of serial entrepreneurship. Other times, it's something else.

I think I like the stock so much because it's a penny stock, and therefore very low risk. Penny stocks are very few and far-between, and incredibly rare in the mobile gaming industry. What's also nice about the stock is that it has been reliably jumping back-and-forth between 0.03 and 0.05, making for a great ride in day trading if short term gains happen to interest you.

But, for the very small group of people that re-discovered the blog -- if you're interested in making some money, I would recommend putting a little money in the stock (presently at $0.03) before the year is up. You can thank me later.