Update on D3 Korea Decision

Posted by Daeity On Thursday, December 29, 2011

News from Ichigo about the SK approval. Another source here and here. This was an update received by Korean news sites yesterday (Dec 28).

The GRB decision has been pushed to either "Mon, Jan 2" or "Wed, Jan 4". (They say Monday, but write the 4th.)

Apparently, there are still concerns about the Battle.net Balance gambling aspect of the RMAH, even though they cut out the cash-out function from the SK version. It's still on target for first week of January, but it appears that their deliberations were postponed again.

Will provide more updates if I can find more sources. Really, this doesn't change much though since we already knew that the first week of January was "decision week".


One of our readers understands Korean (Thanks Anonymous!), and it says "January 4th" so the decision should be made by Wednesday of next week.