Sony DCUO promises

Posted by Dave On Saturday, August 6, 2011

I thought that this old post on DC Universe's promised monthly content patches deserved a follow up; [LINK]

With considerable doubt, Sony promised that significant content would be released for DC Universe Online every month. That is, new raids, new races, new collections, new missions, new events, new items, gear, and appearances... every month.

So, what is their track record in just the past 8 months?

Jan 2011 DCUO Released
Feb 2011 Major content patch (Update 1)
Mar 2011 Social and chat features added
Apr 2011 Partial content (Update 2)
May 2011 Regular maintenance
Jun 2011 A couple new missions and a lot of fixes (Update 3)
Jul 2011 Regular maintenance
Aug 2011 Regular maintenance

That didn't take very long at all.. they promised to release major content every month. This promise was made 1 month before the first content patch, and then it just ended. They only got past the first content patch before breaking their promise.